Are you thirsty for more?

Do you know this feeling of being calm and bright? Having this inner joy that spills over into a natural smile. Having the sensation of being in the right place at the right moment. Connected to beautiful people, while being in a safe place surrounded by a natural environment that keeps surprising you with its beauty? This is how I feel when I’m authentically happy and feel truly connected to the people around me and to my surrounding.

However, for most of my life, these moments have been like rare crystals, which I tried to carefully guard in my heart and in my memory. But is this the way life is supposed to be? Is it possible to live a life, in which moments like the one described above become a way of living?

On this blog I share with you the journey people, like you and me, embark on while searching for a happy and meaningful life in which, where we are and what we do, feels truly right.

I came up with the idea of sharing inspiring stories of this growth journey while starting my “year off” in Cape Town, South Africa. I took the decision of taking a year “off” last year, as I turned 30. While most of my friends were settling down by getting married and having children, I felt out of place. Even though I was doing something that was totally aligned with my values, as in the last 5 years I build up an amazing social business empowering thousands of people for sustainability, and we had an awesome team, I was feeling stuck. I was thirsty for “more”.

As I did not really know what that “more” was, I decided to take the time to find it out. I carefully planned with my team how to step out of the operational work of our company. Even if I caused several headaches, my team has been amazingly supportive and I’m incredibly thankful to them.

While talking to different people, I realized that my “thirst for more” was related to the thirst for growing on a personal level, but also to the desire of finding a way of living where I could express all parts of my personality, while making a difference to the causes my heart burns for.

I packed my kitesurfing equipment and left the Swiss winter behind to embark on a life-changing journey of discovery. A life quest fuelled by inspiring places, by unique experiences and by surprising encounters with people, which like me, are searching for “more”.

So here I am in Cape Town, South Africa, to kick off a life-changing year.

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